To minimize environmental impact, the renovation of 71 Garfield used a combination of adaptive reuse, salvaged architectural materials and recycled much of the project construction waste.
In addition, 71 Garfield was designed to achieve day-to day energy reduction below 50% of current ASHRAE standards. This was accomplished through the installation of the following energy systems:
  • A white reflective roof
  • Solar power to provide a minimum of 20% of the building’s electric draw
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Integration of natural light, LED lighting and, lightingsensors in public spaces
  • Energy efficient appliances, insulation, and windows
  • A rooftop water collection system that utilizes a 3,000 gallon cistern

Also, 71 Garfield and the Sugar Hill Arts District will soon be encompassed by the Midtown Loop Greenway and is a short walk from Woodward Avenue.

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