“Ménage à Detroit” presents three generations of artists for whom an expressionist aesthetic has been either foundational or ongoing through their careers. Whether executing painterly canvases, three-dimensional sculptures, or some combination of both paint and structure assembled from virgin or salvaged materials, the twenty-two artists featured here share an approach to their work marked by a wrong emotional quotient. Not for these expressive practitioners the formalities of the grid or a less-is-more sensibility. Rather, more is more – and better!” – D.A.N.



Works range from 1970 – 2012 and were selected by Dennis Nawrocki.

Artist Talk Series:
Introduction by Dennis Nawrocki 5.5.2012 @2pm
First Generation 6.2.2012 @2pm
Second Generation 6.9.2012 @2pm
Third Generation 6.16.2012 @2pm

Photos: Angela Fortino, Zachary & Associates, Inc.